“Paradise on Earth:
Limassol Dreamscapes
by the Sea”


Just a whisper away from your doorstep lies our pristine beach, a haven of soft sands and crystalline waters, inviting you into its tranquil embrace. Our rooms and suites offer a harmonious blend of comfort and light, ensuring a cozy retreat from the world where the sunlight dances to greet you each morning. Culinary adventurers, prepare to embark on a flavorful journey. Our dining ethos is all about savoring the moment, with restaurants and bars that celebrate the richness of local cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere. From succulent seafood to dishes bursting with the essence of the locale, every meal is an opportunity to gather and feast amid the laughter of companions old and new. Welcome to where the sun perennially shines, where every day is an invitation to indulge in the creation of joyful memories. At The GrandResort Limassol , every stay is an entry into a world where hospitality meets heart, and where every guest is cherished.


Flavors for Everyone

Enjoy a feast of tastes at The GrandResort Limassol Cyprus. Here, you'll find everything from big buffets with dishes from all over the world to special Asian restaurants that transport your senses to the Far East. Each of our venues promises a unique and memorable dining experience. Our bars are set against stunning hotel views. They are perfect spots for leisurely drinks. Whether you're toasting a special moment or unwinding after exploring. Join us for an exceptional dining adventure where flavours from around the globe come to life.
Aegeo Spas
Recharge your Peace at Oasis Spa: A Greek Spa Paradise.
Recharge your Peace at Oasis Spa: A Greek Spa Paradise.
Dive into a world of relaxation at Oasis Spa by Aegeo Spas , an exclusive haven nestled within the luxurious embrace of The GrandResort in Limassol, Cyprus. A unique wellness journey awaits you. Our spa boasts a wide array of treatments, each carefully crafted to refresh both your mind and body. We offer a sensory trip to the far reaches of Greece. With the best natural ingredients and captivating aromas. What truly sets us apart is our exceptional service. We make sure every second of your visit is filled with comfort and attention. Experience the pinnacle of tranquillity and care at Spa Aegeo. Every session is a pathway to pure joy.

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